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Career opportunity for MBA students

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Career opportunity for MBA students
by Stuart Patten - Thursday, 15 December 2016, 4:34 PM

Attention MBA Students

This role requires previous industry experience (2-3 years or more).      A technical candidate (Comp Sci or similar), a media candidate or an MBA, Business or ECIC student would all be highly regarded. 

 Creative Director / Manager

Cortex Interactive

Adelaide, South Australia


We need an experienced leader with excellent team management skills and a creative flair to join our innovative team. At Cortex Interactive we are all very passionate about what they do and this culture is reflected through the business.


Cortex Interactive is an Australian based business that operates nationally for some of Australia's largest organisations. We develop enjoyable Training solutions which focus primarily on the experience for the end user. We challenge traditional learning methods and develop interactive training that immerses learners (utilising VR/AR) and provide them with experiences they engage in, enjoy and remember, thus creating a need and want to experience and learn.


Applications close 18-December 2016

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