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Exam script viewing sessions, Semester 2 2016

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Exam script viewing sessions, Semester 2 2016
by Tat-Jun Chin - Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 12:28 AM

There will be two exam script viewing sessions for Semester 2 2016:

  • First session 10am-3pm, Thursday, 1 Dec 2016 for MAIN exam scripts.
  • Second session 10am-1pm, Wednesday, 8 Mar 2017 for SUPP exam scripts.
  • Venue for both sessions is Room 5.57, Ingkarni Wardli.

During each viewing session, please follow these instructions carefully:

  • Please note, you will be able to check a maximum of two of your exams at a time, with a time limit, to ensure that everyone gets a good opportunity to check their scripts.
  • You will not be allowed to bring in recording devices, paper and pen or telephones although these may be stored in the room on entry and returned to you as you leave. If we catch you copying or trying to copy your exam script or exam papers, you will be asked to leave and any materials that you used for copying will be confiscated - this includes telephones.
  • If you have a good reason for requesting a remark, you may do so by filling out the forms provided at the session. Please note that your mark, on remarking, may go up, down or stay the same. "I want more marks" or "I only need one more mark to get a distinction" are not good reasons and your request will be automatically rejected. You have to identify errors in arithmetic, places where questions were missed or clearly identify areas where you did not receive the marks that you were entitled to.

Remarking will take place as and when the marking staff are available.