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Android developer wanted ($$$ and international research collab)

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Android developer wanted ($$$ and international research collab)
by Markus Wagner - Thursday, 27 October 2016, 9:58 AM
Hi there!

Do you have first-hand experience developing for mobile platforms, preferrably for Android? Interested in tons of fast cash and/or research fame? Then this might be for you!

The contract can start as soon as you can. The rate is the usual casual rate of about $43 per hour.
Number of hours: ideally 10-20 hours per week, for several weeks.
If necessary, this number can exceed 20 hours for the first few weeks.

Interested? If so, please send me an email by Monday evening (31 Oct 2016) outlining your experience:
We can then have a quick chat early next week to talk about the details.

Some details now:
  • You will contribute to an international research collaboration with the Centre for Research in Evolution, Search and Testing at the University College London:
  • Your immediate to-dos:
    1. Setting up of a test harness
    Automate the following steps: compile app on computer, deploy, run, provide outcome of a power monitoring app (provided) back to computer.
    All will run under Android 6, on a provided Nexus 6 or Nexus 9.
    Technical challenge: the phone needs to be disconnected from the power for the test, so you need to find a way to do this on a software side, as we need to run the test harness many times automatically.
    2. Finding target apps and designing tests for them
    An open source target that consumes a good amount of energy, and that can be tested automatically (as part of the "run" step above), so ideally there is already a test suite with test cases for it. Examples: video codec and comparison with pre-defined output, game and comparison with screenshots, ... If no test cases exist, then they can be created.
    First, we need one such app. Ideally, we will have a small collection of these later.
  • You will closely work with me and one of my PhD students.