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Telstra's muru-D incubator seeking applications from our school

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Telstra's muru-D incubator seeking applications from our school
by Mingyu Guo - Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 10:28 PM
Are you inspired by Musk and Jobs and want to change the world with tech?

If you want to start or grow a tech company read this: Applications are open for Telstra's muru-D incubator Sydney until November 4 at:

Head coach Ben Sand went from being a student in Sydney to co-founding In just 4 years. Meta is building cutting edge augmented reality hardware in Silicon Valley and is now worth AU$400M. Ben wants to teach you to do the same.

On offer is
* coaching and office space for 6 months.
* Support to raise capital.
* Up to $60k in funding from muru-D, and $75k in the Bardama follow on fund.
* NO FIXED PERCENTAGE: we are now the first Aus incubator to be flexible with valuation to new companies so as to be attractive to stronger companies and more ambitious founders. You could give away as little as 1% to be in the program.
* access to help from all of Telstra to help you grow across the world, including a dedicated Silicon Valley team member to help with Series A raises.

Register at before November 4

Especially priority given to highly ambitious tech founders working on hard problems: computer vision, drones, space, biotech

Contact with any questions.