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2017 Defence Honours Scholarship Program - Closing Soon

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2017 Defence Honours Scholarship Program - Closing Soon
by Julie Mayo - Wednesday, 12 October 2016, 1:19 PM

2017 Defence Honours Scholarship Program- Closing Soon

Employers: Various 

An exciting opportunity exists for South Australian men and women to gain valuable experience working with a local company in the defence or defence related sector through the Defence Honours Scholarship Program.

Students will receive up to $7,000 to undertake an industry nominated Honours project, while increasing their future career and employability prospects and connections in the defence sector.


Each project has a different closing date in October - Click here to see currently available opportunities:  



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Summary of Current Opportunities: Defence Honours Scholarships:

  • Saab Project 1: Wave prediction for improved manoeuvre 
  • Saab Project 2: Near-field and far-field collision avoidance
  • ASC Project: 3D Visualisation of Phased Array Measurements
  • Rheinmetall Simulation Project: Virtual Reality as an Advanced Training Tool
  • Data 2 Decisions CRC Project: Data Science Project
  • Lockheed Martin Project: Evaluation of Computer Virtualisation
  • BAE Systems Project 1: OTHR Performance Modelling
  • BAE Systems Project 2: OTHR Alternative Computing Architecture
  • Boeing Defence Australia Project: Boeing Research and Development Activities – Innovation Initiatives