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Expressions of Interest - Sem 2 Casual Teaching

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Expressions of Interest - Sem 2 Casual Teaching
by Julie Mayo - Tuesday, 28 June 2016, 1:57 PM

Dear all,

PLEASE NOTE: Casual staff from semester 1 will need to register with FrontDoor again, as the database has been wiped clean.

The recruitment process for casual student staff to help with teaching in the school is now open. The deadline for expressions of interest is Wednesday the 6th of July

Why should you apply? Practical supervision provides an opportunity to help younger students learn, earn money (~$49/hour), revise (re-learn?) aspects of the CS curriculum that you may have forgotten and enhance your CV. 

Who should apply? Year 3 students (completed semester 1) and above; HDR students with some time to spare (and supervisor's approval).

What types of teaching is available? Supervisors for practical and workshop sessions, and tutorial teaching. 

How do you apply? Register your interest using the system linked from here: (You may need to be on campus to access). Make sure you fill in all the fields on the form. 

What happens after I apply? You will receive an email with your login information once you are approved as a casual teacher. Once you access the system, then enter your both your availability and your preferences. If you limit your availability then it will be much harder to get hours. After this there will be a matching of student experience, student preferences, lecture preferences and availability. Once this matching is complete you will be notified if you are assigned hours. Please remember getting access to FrontDoor does not mean you will be allocated hours. New staff members will be expected to attend a training session. 

Any questions or issues, please contact me directly:

Kind regards,

Alicia Z.