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APEX Biz-IT'16 | Invitation to participate in APEX Business-IT 2016 - Singapore

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APEX Biz-IT'16 | Invitation to participate in APEX Business-IT 2016 - Singapore
by Lenka Hill - Tuesday, 15 March 2016, 5:17 PM

Dear University of Adelaide,

By way of introduction, I am Sandra, the Vice-President for APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge 2016.  Into our 8th edition, APEX Business-IT is a global case challenge designed specially for upper year undergraduates and we thought that University of Adelaide would be an especially good fit for the competition!

More About Our Competition
Over the past 8 years, we have seen a participation of over 45 universities across 21 countries. Our case competition intertwines the fields of IT and business, challenging the brightest minds on resolving real-life business issues through the enablement and implementation of information technology. The event not only hosts the top talent of undergraduates around the world, but also brings together the Business-IT faculty members across different universities, as well as a judging panel of highly experienced judges who hold top-management positions in their respective fields. You can find out more from our website:

APEX Business-IT 2016 is going to be even bigger and better this year. We have some of the top schools from across the world signing up for the competition and we look forward to seeing University of Adelaide join us as well. You can hear more from some of our past participants and professionals from our testimonial video here. For more information about the competition, please refer to the following links:

Our 2016 information package:    
Competition Rounds Details :  
Past Participants:    
Past Business-Cases (Original Cases written by SMU):  

We hope to have University of Adelaide here to participate in our case competition and we promise an enriching experience for all our participants! Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have further queries. Alternatively, you can also contact my University Relations Directors - Pearline and Rhea, who are also cc-ed in the email.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

Warmest Regards,

Sandra Lork


Vice-President | APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge 2016

Undergraduate | SMU School of Business

+65 9661 4417