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Honours Computer Science 2014

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Honours Computer Science 2014
by Bradley Alexander - Monday, 14 October 2013, 3:33 PM
Hi All,

In the coming weeks, the faculty will be sending out offer letters to
students who have qualified to do honours in Computer Science in 2014.
If you receive the offer, we strongly recommend that you
give it serious consideration.

***What is Honours study about?
Honours is an additional year of study which is half coursework in
advanced topics (4 Level IV courses) and half research project (an
individual 1-year research project under the supervision of academic

***Why Honours?
- The intake is selective and sets you apart from others as a high achiever.
- The advanced skills and knowledge you gain in Honours are well
respected and sought after by employers.
- You work one-on-one with an academic on an exciting research
project, which may change the world!
- An Honours degree allows you to apply for direct entry into PhD program.
- An Honours degree gives you a chance to excel and apply your
imagination and creativity. It opens doors for you!

***How do I find out more?
Please visit:
or contact Michael Sheng at (