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Urgent! Golden opportunity knocks...

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Urgent! Golden opportunity knocks...
by Kevin Maciunas - Friday, 3 August 2012, 9:48 AM
This is primarily addressed at our BE(SE) cohort of students.

SAAB systems are offering paid work experience over the university summer holidays 2012/2013.

BE(SE) students are reminded that you need to submit 12 weeks of such employment to complete your degree. SAAB is one of the best Software Engineering houses in Adelaide. This is definitely well worth getting into gear for and applying.

IT CLOSES REAL SOON. The 10th August in fact. This represents an extension of the closing date because they're under-subscribed.

Here is the link.

If you're a B.Comp.Sci. student - there is nothing to prevent you from applying for this either. As a school I think we'd be disappointed if there were vacancies in SAAB's programme that we couldn't fill.